a return to nature, a return to oneself

I have great love and passion for this unspoiled place, the fulcrum of the force of nature, known as Rotwandwiesen (Prati di Croda Rossa). Back in my childhood, I was lucky to become familiar with a small corner of paradise in this unique Alpine area. After all, it was here that my grandmother built the Rotwandwiesenhütte (the Croda Rossa Mountain Shelter) in 1958 and ran it for many years.

Rotwandwiesen Chalets

As the host of the nearby chalets, I have been able to continue this family history. This makes me very happy and proud but especially because I can do it together with my friend, Maria. As keen mountain bikers, hikers and climbers, we both know that the silence and force of nature impart indescribable energy. They cheer the soul, make the eyes shine and the heart beat stronger.
Marc with Maria

Rotwandwiesen Chalets